Mountain View Residence

Mountain View, CA

For a crisply modern residence in Mountain View, California, located in the heart of Silicon Valley and designed for a single family interested in staying there forever, Edmonds + Lee explored architectural principles—light, massing, the connection between volumes and their uses—as well as human principles—designing for clients to be able to age-in-place; the importance of universal accessibility.

A series of stacked cubes are arranged around a central courtyard, programmatically oriented to maximize daylight, prospect, and function. Defined white walls offer an ethereal backdrop for the art and life, while a motif of grids and lines is iterated in the driveway, the landscaping in the front, the fence—which features a syncopated rhythm—and of course the house itself. Viewed from the street, the structure is a study in the power of how the combination of clean lines and simple spaces can work with deeply-felt architectural ideals of detail, space, and light to produce a house that is at once comfortable and theoretical, conceptual and livable. 


Edmonds + Lee Architects
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