Cube House

San Francisco, CA

For this single-family house in San Francisco‚Äôs ultra-desirable Noe Valley neighborhood, Edmonds + Lee explored the power of simple massing, central organization, and constant emphasis on the view. Inside, a central architectural stair operates as the connective tissue between different household levels, and visually anchors the multiple programmatic elements. Loft-like living spaces featuring incredibly abundant access to natural light and water vistas were placed on the upper floors, both opening the house to the sky, and providing maximum privacy for its occupants. On the street level, dark cement-board massing creates a sleek and modern look, while the syncopation and alternation of the concealed attachments provides visual appeal and interest. A white garage and a white cube at the top offer their own play on color and rhythm, interspersed with the pops of window that bring a glowing warmth from the interior out into the city.

A portico demarcates the front entrance, up a flight of perfectly-calibrated concrete stairs, while inside is a study in fluid lines and interlocking shapes, from the clear wood striations in the master bathroom that lead the eye past a gorgeously asymmetrical soaking tub and up to the bright blue sky, to the almost-disappearing lines of the kitchen cabinetry and millwork. The house is a study in surprises, its sleek two-tone facade only hinting towards the complexity of organization and materiality within. 


Edmonds + Lee Architects
2601 Mission Street, Suite 503
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 285-1300